Pre-order Perfect Timing Now & Get Rewarded

Perfect Timing, my first full length novel, is due for release in all formats exclusively across Amazon’s global markets on November 28, 2016.  Please read on to see how you can pre-order the ebook version of Perfect Timing now and get rewarded.  But first here’s a reminder of the book’s synopsis and ebook cover…

Perfect TimingFriendship. Desire. Romance. Lou’s life changes forever the first moment she encounters Will online during a brief break from work. Enlarging his photo on the social network, she is immediately captivated by his dazzling smile and azure blue eyes. Reluctantly refocusing on her work, she is frequently distracted as the image floods her thoughts. Who is that guy?

Later that evening while gazing in wonder at his photo albums, she is startled by an instant message from him. Hours fly by as they chat easily, discovering shared interests and passions.

Passions of a different kind are soon ignited as she feels her now best friend’s embrace across the miles. They have shared so many secrets, but her desire for the man who she openly admits adoring is one she dare not share. Not now. Not ever?

Perfect Timing is an enchanting story of romance in today’s technology driven world. It is the perfect example of how physical distance is no barrier to deep, all encompassing, all consuming love.

Buy Perfect Timing now to enter into Lou and Will’s sensual, erotic, romantic world.

Available Now at Amazon

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Pre-order Perfect Timing Now & Get Rewarded


Once you pre-order Perfect Timing, Tweet me or email me at with a SCREENSHOT of your Amazon receipt and I’ll send you a link to claim a FREE ebook copy of Apparitions as a thank you.

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