Together Forever Kindle & Paperbacks Available NOW

Together Forever

I’m honored to announce that the second story in the Distant Shores series, Together Forever, is available now in Kindle and paperback.

Thank you!

I must, as always, thank my amazing husband and family for their love and support since the book’s conception a year ago.

Together Forever Kindle & Paperbacks available NOW

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Love. Commitment. Guilt? After reveling in blissful days together following the sweetest kiss, the long distance lovers part, but was Will and Lou’s untold long-held love and desire their only secret?

They have been each other’s rock for years, but will his subconscious reaction to an innocent photo of her and another woman spell the end? Or dare he reveal his feelings to his love?

Together Forever chronicles the challenges of long distance love, and how the couple fully open themselves to each other.

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Pre-order Together Forever Now

Together Forever, book two in the Distant Shores series, will be available in Kindle and Paperback across all Amazon markets on November 27, 2017.  Read on for details of how you can pre-order Together Forever now.  But first here’s a reminder of the book’s blurb and cover…

Together Forever

Love.  Commitment.  Guilt?  After reveling in blissful days together following the sweetest kiss, the long distance lovers part, but was Will and Lou’s untold long-held love and desire their only secret?

They have been each other’s rock for years, but will his subconscious reaction to an innocent photo of her and another woman spell the end?  Or dare he reveal his feelings to his love?

Together Forever chronicles the challenges of long distance love, and how the couple fully open themselves to each other.


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Together Forever Chapter One

Together Forever

Together Forever, the second book in the Distant Shores series, is available now for pre-order on Amazon.  To give you a taste of the novel, here’s Chapter One…

Together Forever Chapter One – Together Forever

It is true what they say about parting from those we love.  It is such sweet sorrow.  Whenever Lou was away from Will even for a short time, she missed him so acutely it caused physical pain.  Settling into the prized window seat on the Boeing 767-3 at Chicago O’Hare International airport ahead of the final leg of her journey back to the UK, having left Will days earlier at Pittsburgh to head to the trade show which had triggered the longed-for trip, the pain was more acute than ever.

Turning toward the window as if to rest her head against his, she closed her eyes.  Feeling his strong, loving, reassuring arms around her, as they had been at Pitt, cocooned in their own world amid the half asleep early morning throng, tears fell while the aircraft was pushed back.

With the aircraft gaining momentum, she drifted to the moment they met years earlier.  While reading an informative piece he had written after succeeding her in the Editorship, she felt a spark unlike any other.  And reading his thankful reply to her congratulatory note marking the publication of the piece, her face and soul were illumed by his trademark ‘grin.’  The word itself as expressive as the dazzling smile lighting his azure blue eyes in his mesmerizing social network profile photo.

Spending every possible minute together in the weeks that followed, Will’s zest for life, adoration for and pride in his family—and that gorgeous grin—were all pleasantly infectious.

Since then, they had shared so much across the emotional spectrum.  Fun and laughter to the point of tears, but also those accompanying grief.  The incredible strength of their bond lessened the pain, but neither denied the distance laid heavily in such anguished times.

Talking about anything and everything, they did not have secrets.  With one exception—their true feelings for each other.  Yes, they were unquestioningly sure of the other’s adoration.  Their words and deeds spoke volumes without need for the classical “I love you,” including wordless glances via messaging app, when the ‘last seen’ notification said so much.

Yet their attraction, lust and passion remained unspoken until days earlier.  Revealed beautifully in a tender kiss at the summit of the sundrenched mountainside trail.  Then confirmed in a second firmer, but equally gentle kiss, before their passion and desire was laid bare in glorious technicolor when their tongues searched and found.  Settling into her dream man’s arms on a blanket beneath the shade giving tree, Lou draped hers across his muscular chest.  Gazing wordlessly into each other’s flaming eyes, it took a while to comprehend it was something else they shared.

Replaying the scene and those which followed, Lou gasped.  Will had unknowingly brought her to mind blowing sensual release countless times over the years.  But none of her fantasies came close to their new-found reality.  How they managed to get through their dinner date a couple hours later is anybody’s guess!  Reaching the privacy of suite 1133 at the ‘Riverside Hotel,’ the tsunami of lust overcame them.  Each had made love to the other more times than they could count, and as Lou held the base of his engorged cock inches from her mouth, they knew their love would be consummated appropriately.

She had often dreamed of making love all night in a variety of positions, and so it came to be.  After bringing Will an explosive climax deep in her throat, he gifted her a similarly powerful orgasm while displaying his oral prowess.  Then, in the early hours of his birthday, they celebrated with an earth shattering simultaneous climax as she rode atop his steely shaft.  And succumbing to the blissful mists, they slept entwined in each other’s arms.

Waking, his erection pressing into the valley between her buns was another dream come true, and collapsing onto her after claiming a birthday gift, Will confided she had made real another of his dreams.  Now, her entire being tingled at the memory and she gasped as her body responded, and feeling the aircraft shudder a little, she clenched her jaw as tears welled.

Tearing herself from the events which followed, she traversed to the last evening of their vacation.  Prior to her flight from Manchester Ringway, Will had done for her what she had so often done for him—checked the airline’s website for the gate numbers—and sat together on the couch ahead of her flight to Kansas, he did the same and wordlessly showed her his smartphone.  Glancing from it into his eyes, she found them misted, mirroring her own, and dropping the device, they held one another close.

Taking a brief nap mid evening, ahead of a late room-service dinner, the final hours in their suite were spent blissfully.  They were already up when their single alarm sounded at 3:30 am, drinking their last in person coffee for longer than either dare think about as their hearts pounded against each other’s ribs.  Taking her hand, Will silently led her out onto the starlit balcony overlooking the river.  Gazing toward it through the blackness, the lack of light echoed the heaviness in her heart, and as he clung to her, she knew he felt the same—neither wanted to leave.  Pulling him closer, she caressed his damp cheek and their lips met in a beautiful kiss.

Minutes later, carrying each other’s luggage, they hesitantly walked to the door.  After opening it, Will dropped the bags, lifted her hand to the brass numbers, and traced them in affirmation.  Then, following another sweet kiss, they headed for the elevator hand in hand.

Usually she would call when he drove to Pittsburgh, but instead he described the still dark route.  Stopping for gas, she bought their coffee—silencing any potential protest with a preemptive kiss.  They were soon on the interstate, and Will tipped his head toward landmarks she recognized while giving her hand a gentle squeeze.  Their actions, again, speaking volumes.

Eventually, they arrived with a sigh.  “Stay there, Baby,” his drawling voice breaking with emotion, and she nodded as he squeezed her hand and climbed out.  Opening her door, he reached in, and she climbed out into his embrace.  Retrieving her bags, he grabbed the hat she borrowed for their mountainside date and slowly lifted it.  Realizing what he meant, Lou tipped her head and he placed it on as she clutched his waist.

“You sure, Baby?” she sobbed.

“Yep!” he sniffed.  Wiping her tears, he continued, “I know how much you love it… and how much better it looks on you!”

Mirroring him, she dried his cheek.  “Not so sure about that… but you’re right, as always.  I love it.  Thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” he teased and they giggled lightly.

“Yes, there is… thank you for making so many of my dreams come true.”

“We have… so thank you!”  He pulled her close and their lips met in a tongue twirling kiss.

Reluctantly pausing before reaching the point of no return, the best friends who had become lovers strolled hand in hand to the terminal.  And embracing amid the early morning crowd, he sighed.  “I know we’ve never felt alone… and with you having my hat, we never will be.”

Her lip quivered.  “But I’ve not given you anything.”

“Baby, you’ve given me so much more than I ever dreamed possible…” Resting his hand over her heart, they gazed down as she mirrored him.  With both beating rapidly, they gazed into each other’s brimming eyes, and finding his voice, he whispered, “This isn’t goodbye… never will be… we’ve been together for years…”

“And we will be…” she blinked, and they finished the sentence together, “Forever.”  Held safe and secure in each other’s arms, their lips met to seal the precious vow.

Keeping her eyes closed, but in her mind gazing into Will’s, Lou lifted her hand to her damp cheek and imagined it to be him wiping her tears.  Cupping the crown of the gifted hat as it rested on her lap, caressing the strong yet soft material, she thought how alike him it was.  She had instantly considered him strong, while his beaming grin belied softness—assertions which were confirmed as they got to know each other.  Lifting the gift, she kissed the brim and echoed, “Together forever.”


Further information about Together Forever, including the blurb and release date, can be found on the dedicated here.  Alternately, click the button below to be taken to the Amazon marketplace for your location.

Distant Shores II Update

It’s six months since I began drafting the follow up to Perfect Timing, so a Distant Shores II update is perhaps overdue.  I have, however, been working on the story constantly.

NaNoWriMo 2016

Prior to the event, I set out my plans for November.  Did things go as planned?  For the most part, yes.  I exceeded the 50,000 word target, writing 54,980 words by December 1st, so I’m a…


What Actually Happened?

I said I wouldn’t be doing any editing while writing the draft, and I didn’t for the first couple weeks.  But because I was writing scenes as they came to me, instead of chronologically, I did some MINOR editing – inserting a missed word, correcting a glaring typo – while reading the previous day’s writing.

Approaching the end of November I knew I would exceed the contingency completion date of the middle of December, so extended the deadline to Christmas.  Unfortunately I needed a further extension, but by then the draft was over 78,000 words so allowed myself a well-earned week off to enjoy the holiday.

Into 2017…

I completed the draft on February 21, 2017.  Far later than I ever intended, but I’m what’s referred to as a “vomit drafter” – get it all out onto the page, good and bad.  The first draft should be rough and my philosophy is “If it’s not there, it can’t be edited.”

First Edit

The finished draft far exceeded 100,000 words.  So I knew a LOT would be cut, including a number of unnecessary sections of dialog.  I’d written some while battling the dreaded writer’s block, but it had kept me going and at the time that’s all that mattered.

While I advocate taking an extended break between edits, my internal editor screamed during the latter stages.  I silenced her by doing some prep – collating words to be culled, and highlighting every section of dialog – so only took a couple days off.

The edit took a month and was completed on March 24.  In addition to an eighty-five strong word list, I checked and amended contractions and extensions.  Then edited the dialog, and having eliminated tens of thousands of words, I printed and bound the draft myself.

Second Edit

Although the break of a couple weeks is relatively short, I’m ready to begin the second edit.  Or will be when I’ve made a few more preparatory notes.

This will be the main edit and I expect it to take a couple months.  There are a few inconsistencies to fix and the final title needs setting.

Similarly to Perfect Timing, the story is written from both Lou’s and Will’s points of view, but there is some balancing to be done as both will be heard equally this time around.  I love writing from the male character’s POV and it’s only fair Will is heard as much as Lou.

Next Distant Shores II Update?

The story is due for release in seven months, so I promise I won’t keep you waiting as long for the next Distant Shores II update.  In the meantime, please do follow me on Twitter and Facebook which I update more frequently.

Do you have any advice for me as I begin the second edit?  I’d love to chat!

Perfect Timing Kindle & Paperbacks Available NOW

Although the launch of the audiobook has been delayed, I’m honored to announce that both the Kindle and paperback versions of Perfect Timing are available NOW!

Thank you!

First and foremost, I must thank my ever loving husband and family for their unconditional love and support.  Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten to today.  Thank you!

Special thanks must also go to the wonderful group of Indie authors who have recently joined together to support each other.  I’m honored to be among you and can’t thank you enough for your support!

Perfect Timing Kindle & Paperbacks Available NOW

Perfect Timing

Friendship. Desire. Romance. Lou’s life changes forever the first moment she encounters Will online during a brief break from work. Enlarging his photo on the social network, she is immediately captivated by his dazzling smile and azure blue eyes. Reluctantly refocusing on her work, she is frequently distracted as the image floods her thoughts. Who is that guy?

Later that evening while gazing in wonder at his photo albums, she is startled by an instant message from him. Hours fly by as they chat easily, discovering shared interests and passions.

Passions of a different kind are soon ignited as she feels her now best friend’s embrace across the miles. They have shared so many secrets, but her desire for the man who she openly admits adoring is one she dare not share. Not now. Not ever?

Perfect Timing is an enchanting story of romance in today’s technology driven world. It is the perfect example of how physical distance is no barrier to deep, all encompassing, all consuming love.

Buy Perfect Timing now to enter into Lou and Will’s sensual, erotic, romantic world.

Everyone’s a Winner

Because of the postponement of the launch of the Perfect Timing audiobook, I thought I’d do things a little differently for this giveaway.  All you need to do to receive a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of Perfect Timing is…

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NaNoWriMo 2016


NaNoWriMo 2016 is fast approaching and I’m proud to say that I’m taking part for the second straight year.   Yes, it means I’m committing to writing 50,000 words in a month at a required rate of 1,667 per day, while promoting Perfect Timing AND working with my narrator/ producer Beizo Tierno on the audiobook.

There’s no need to tell me I’m crazy… I already know!

NaNoWriMo 2015

Before I say anything about NaNoWriMo 2016, let’s recap last year’s event.  My freshman NaNo project was in fact Perfect Timing; the 67,500 word romance novel that you can pre-order now.

You can’t possibly have written so many words in 30 days?  You’re right.  A considerable portion of the story was already written, but I included them in my 2015 NaNo total, because I went against advice and let my inner editor lose on the pre-written sections during November, as they fitted into the story.  And by the end of the month I had full the finished draft.

Nanites fit into one of three categories…

Planner – someone who has a detailed outline of their story, perhaps including scenes they’ve already written.  This was me in 2015.

Pantser – someone who starts the month with a literal blank page and aims to write 50,000 in 30 days without any prior planning, therefore flying by the seat of their pants.

Plantser – someone who fits between the two, only doing minimal planning.

So what about NaNoWriMo 2016?


My project this year is perhaps unsurprisingly the second book of the Distant Shores series; Perfect Timing being the first.

As of right now, with EIGHT days to go before the event starts, I only have a bullet pointed outline for this one.  I will be working on a more detailed outline this week, and by November 1st I’m hoping I’ll have a few scenes, or at least sections of dialog drafted.

Will I include those words, however many I write, in my NaNo word count? You bet I will, as long as they make it into the draft. I will NOT be editing as I go this year, so it truly will be a rough draft, as first drafts should be.

Although my current planning state might put me into the Plantser category, in truth I consider myself a Planner.  I already know both my characters well having already written about them in Perfect Timing, and I also have a good idea of where I want them to go, because this won’t be Will and Lou’s last book!

What if you don’t finish the draft by November 30?

Let’s face it, while 50,000 words can seem a lot on one hand, it’s a relatively small total in novel writing terms.  Even Perfect Timing’s 67,500 words is on the shorter side.

If Distant Shores II isn’t finished by the end of the month, I’ll continue, NaNo style, into December.  Last year I cleared a couple weeks at the beginning of December as a contingency, and have done the same this year.  Ideally, I’ll finish the draft by the end of the first week of December.

Once it’s finished, I’ll not look at it until at least mid-February, when I’ll have another window in my schedule, and a clear head to work through the first edit.

You can read more about my writing process in this post from March this year.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo 2016?

If so, leave me a comment with your user name and I’ll buddy you.  Mine is Bex80.  Regardless of whether you’re a Nanite, do you have any advice for me?  I’d love to chat!