Desire.  Longing.  Romance.  Thirty years after graduating, Sam Meyers spots his teen crush, Kate, as the crowds gather at the start of their high school’s Homecoming festivities.  “Whoa.  Who is that girl?  Wait a minute!  Is that… Kate?  Wow!”  Overcoming his shyness as they chat he asks her to dance.  That’s when his problems begin.  Or is it?

Kate, a sophomore when he was a senior, had been equally moved hours earlier when she saw him on the event website.  Now, held close in his arms, she makes her own feelings clear.

Reluctant to end the night, they arrange a breakfast date for the following morning.  There, it’s not only the coffee that’s hot, as their temperatures and arousal piques.  A further, whispered, invitation sets their longing, desire and passion free.  And what began as a secret teenage crush becomes a fun filled romantic weekend of seduction and pleasure.

Serendipity breaks away from the typical storyline of man seduces woman.  It is a great love story with some hot, always consensual, scenes.  A fast paced, easy to read, spicy novel.

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“A very sensual read” Marcy McKay, author of Pennies from Burger Heaven

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