Perfect Timing Chapter One

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing, my first full length erotic romance novel, will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon.  To give you a taste of the novel, here’s Perfect Timing chapter one…

Chapter One   First Impressions

The first moment Lou saw anything of Will, she felt a connection unlike anything she had ever felt before, and as she sat alone at her desk it brought a gentle smile to her full lips.  All she knew, having just read an informative piece he had written, after succeeding her in the editorship, was they were both writers.  And that she liked his style.  Perhaps it was that, or maybe it was the weight which had been lifted now she had left the position?  It might have been either of those things, but as she lifted her arms and stretched in her office chair, thinking about the words she had read and the man who had written them, it felt much more than that.  But in that moment she had no idea why.

Tentatively, she typed a brief note to Will, congratulating him on the publication of his first piece, and saying that if ever he needed any support she would happily help.  In spite of the fact that she had no inclination of returning to the voluntary role, she wanted to give him, or indeed any other successor, any guidance they might need.

It wasn’t until after she sent the note and a friend request, that she looked at his profile photo on the social network.  He looked so smart, so professional in the posed shot, and she guessed it had perhaps been taken for work.  Gazing intently at the image, she was instantly drawn to his smile.  His dazzling and she had to admit, gorgeous, smile.  He exuded an air of confidence and again the corners of her mouth turned upward.  His appearance then was so different to her own in that moment.  As an artist and designer who worked from home, her usual work wear was casual; a pair of jeans and a shirt.  Today was no different in that regard, but as she stretched again, she wondered if it would be in any other way?

Turning her attention back to the design project she was working on, she was soon submerged in her work.  Until the beep of her cell phone startled her.  Picking it up from its usual spot on her desk, she instantly relaxed at the sight of Will’s name.  His cheerful, thankful reply to her note was punctuated throughout with “Grin,” and as Lou read she did just that.  She already liked the perceived air of confidence she had seen in his photo, and now seeing a possible mischievous side to him, liked that too!

Throughout the day, her mind frequently wandered from her work, to Will.  She smiled so much that it gave her facial muscles quite a workout!  Not that she minded either at all.  Life had been tough for her for the past several months and smiles, even brief ones, had been few and far between.  He was so handsome and it was impossible not to smile at the thought of him; while she at least attempted to focus on her work!

Lou would spend time each evening on the social network chatting to friends, or browsing their pages after seeing their various posts on her homepage.  But that evening she focused on just one friend.  Her newest.  Will.  She clicked on the last photo he had posted, and when the enlarged image filled the screen she once again found herself beaming at the sight of him.  It was another posed shot, but this time he was casually dressed in a red button down shirt, beige khakis and a hat.  Now, she could see his blue eyes more clearly and gasped at the sight.  The brim of his hat offered only partial shade and they seemed to sparkle in the bright sunlight illuminating his face.  It’s not just his smile that’s gorgeous, she thought, his eyes are too!

Somewhat reluctantly, she clicked the side of the captivating image and looked through the others in the album.  A number showed Will in the same clothes and hat, surrounded by other people.  Some were posed and others were more candid snapshots, but the dazzling smile that lit his azure blue eyes was constant, and she lingered on each image.  She was equally enthralled by some scenic shots that had likely been taken by him.  While gazing at them, Lou not only appreciated the stunning vistas, but also the perfect composition of the frame; as a keen photographer herself she always looked at the bigger picture.

She was clicking through another of his albums, gazing in wonder at the multitude of sights before her, when a chat window popped up, surprising her.  Startled for a moment, she immediately relaxed when she realized it was Will.

“Hi there!” he said.

“Hey there!”

“I was hoping to catch you, to thank you again for your note.  Grin.”

Lou smiled and replied, “No need to thank me.  Thank you!”

“Yes there is.  I’m still kinda new to all the goings on in the group… and your note and the offer of help… if I ever need it, is very much appreciated!”

Reading his words, she sighed contentedly, “You’re more than welcome, Will.  I truly mean it.  If ever you need any help at all, give me a shout and I’ll do all I can for you!”

“Sounds good to me.  Thank you!  Grin… I hope your day was great?”

She paused for a moment, thinking back over how unexpectedly wonderful her day had been, thanks to her new friend, “Yeah, it’s been great.  Thank YOU!  :)”

He appeared to hesitate for a moment, perhaps surprised by the emphasized personalization in her words.  “I’m not sure why you’re thanking me… but you’re welcome!”

“Why?”  She paused, suddenly shy, “Because you’re the reason it’s been great!”  She blushed a tad as she hit ‘enter’ and sent the message.


“Yes!  I gotta say, again, that I loved your post and…”  She paused, “well, hearing from you afterward brightened my day considerably.”

“Grin!  Good!  I’m happy to help!” he replied before quickly adding, “You brightened my day too!”

“Oh yeah?”  The smile at her lips now his trademark grin.

“YES!  Grin.  It was great to hear from you… and… it’s great to be with you now, Lou!”

The blush bloomed in her cheeks as she replied, “Aww Will, you’ll have me blushing!  I HAVE to admit that the feeling is mutual.  It’s great to be with you too!”

“You’ll have ME blushing!  Grin… From what I can see of you, from the only photo I’ve seen… and am looking at right now… I can imagine that blush suits you!”

Her face was now a deep shade of crimson and the room a lot warmer than it had been.  “Well, from what I’ve seen of you, I think blush would suit you too!”

“Ok… NOW I’m blushing!  Grin.”

She sighed.  She had rarely, if ever, felt so at ease as she did with Will, so soon after meeting anyone.  Her shyness forgotten, she let an emoticon indicate her smile, “:) Your profile pic is great.  Is it a work one?”

“Thank you!  Yep, it is.  The whole office had them done not long ago… and it felt as if we were back in high school having yearbook photos taken.  The place was crazy!  Grin.”

Envisioning the chaotic scene, she giggled.  “I bet it was!  It’s a GREAT pic!”  Her earlier musings about his possible mischievous streak seemed to be spot on and she nodded in affirmation.

“Thank you!  Now I really AM blushing!”

“There truly is no need to thank me,” she said, hoping, he was able to ‘hear’ the gentleness in her words, despite the lack of intonation in their typed form.

“Yes there is, Lou!  I hope you don’t mind me saying… yours is a beautiful pic… you look so relaxed and happy.”

“I don’t mind at all.  Thank you!”

Echoing her words, he replied, “No need to thank ME!  Grin.”

She giggled.  Her face was aching again from the smiley workout, and she hoped Will was enjoying her company as much as she was his.  “Yes there is!  One thing is for sure, I’m truly blushing now, but I’m also very happy!”

“Grin.  Good!  Me too, Lou!”

Their easy, playful conversation continued for some time, until eventually Will said, “I’d love to spend more time with you… but I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow, so I’m gonna have to make a move soon before I fall asleep.  I’m sorry!!!”

Reading his words, she was suddenly aware how tired she was herself.  “No need for sorry.  I’d love to spend more time with you.  Perhaps we can catch up sometime tomorrow?”

“Yes!  Please!  I’d like that.  Thank YOU for a great evening… and a great day!”

She knew his words were genuine.  “Oh, thank YOU!  It’s been a truly wonderful day, thanks to you!”

“Grin.  I’ll find ya tomorrow.  Good night Lou!”

“I look forward to it!  Sweet dreams.  Good night Will!”

Smiling and happier than she had been in a long time, she sat for a few minutes.  And through half closed eyes, watched the light indicating Will’s presence online go out.  When it did, she whispered “Thank you, Will,” before reluctantly logging out and turning her computer off.  “It truly has been a great day!”

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