Serendipity Cover Reveal

I’m excited to finally bring you the cover reveal of my upcoming novella, Serendipity


Cover design ©Melissa Alvarez, BookCovers.Us
Cover photography ©

Many thanks to Melissa Alvarez for her work on the cover design and extremely prompt service!

About Serendipity

Serendipity by author Rebekah S. Fiore, is a heartwarming, steamy romantic tale about a couple who finally reveal their secretive adoration for and attraction to each other.

Sam Meyers, a successful businessman in his late forties, spots his high school crush, Kate, as the crowds gather at the beginning of the school’s Homecoming Weekend.  Will he be able to overcome his shyness after so many years and get his girl?  To his relief the answer is yes!

You can read more about Serendipity here, including the launch date.  I’ll be back soon to reveal even more.

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